Waiting for the LIFE Recovery Gala?

This past year has been different and we appreciate your continued support.  Some has been through virtual encouragement, and we appreciate the cheques too.  As other organizations and businesses have had to close their doors during the pandemic, LIFE Recovery kept our doors open and our support for our clients continued strong.  Our staff continues to do a great job providing a structured and supportive Christian community for women who desire to live a lifestyle free from drug and alcohol addiction.  Because those who come to our doors, need us.

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How to support LIFE Recovery this year

Grocery Fund

Since 2017, a gala tradition has specifically included raising funds to keep the LIFE Recovery kitchen fully stocked.  When all beds are full with 15 ladies, it can cost up to $150 per day to keep our clients

nourished. In the first year after stepping away from alcohol or drugs, teaching the essentials of a sensible diet and healthy eating habits are part of our program.  Providing our clients balanced meals is one of the ways LIFE Recovery provides exceptional care.

$150/day X 7 days a week = $1,050 per week

$1,050/week X 4 weeks = $4,200 per month

$4,200/month X 12 months = $50,400 needed each year

Please consider a donation to support our

Trauma Support Budget.

Trauma Support

For those struggling with addiction, trauma and its impact is nothing new. Experts in the field of addiction will tell you that a root cause of addiction is trauma.

A pandemic is a great equalizer in that none of us can escape it’s effects. Individuals who have until now led healthy, “normal” lives with access to information and resources, supportive families and back-up plans are struggling. We search for assurances and a date when this will be over. We look at how this is impacting us now and the long term effects. People openly spoke of their anxiety in the simple tasks of daily living like grocery shopping and going to the bank. We hear about the increase in cases of domestic violence and overdose deaths.

To serve our clients, we would like to provide support from a Licensed Trauma Therapist. This is not part of our in house programs.  This is specialized support, and it is expensive – averaging $200 per hour.

Our plan is to establish a trauma support fund which our staff can access on behalf of clients that require this type of healing in their recovery.  For most clients, this support would not begin immediately but within the first month of their arrival and would continue bi-weekly during their stay. For those who continue on to Second Stage, it would be offered once per month for the first 6 months.

$200/hour X 6 sessions = $1200 during first stage

$200/hour X 6 sessions = $1200 during second stage

Totals $2,400 needed for the transformative work of Trauma Therapy in ONE PERSON

In 2020, with lowered occupancy limits, we had 76 clients at First Stage. Even with access Trauma Therapy, some clients just can’t go there until they are ready. But we are asking you to help us start somewhere. As with all our programming, we will be accountable to monitor the benefits of these investments into our clients.

Please consider a donation to support our

Trauma Support Budget.

Campaign Wrap Up

Join us on Monday, March 1st from 7:00-7:30pm for our campaign wrap up when we announce our total funds raised.

To RSVP, please email events@liferecovery.ca or text 604-556-1031 with your name and email address.

A special thank you to all our Love for LIFE Fundraising Campaign Sponsors