First Stage Home

After detox, our first stage home is the initial step in ending the cycle of substance abuse. We operate a regulated facility, registered with the Ministry of Health under the Assisted Living Registrar for Mental Health & Addiction. We can accommodate up to 18 women, double occupancy. We believe in client-focused care. Each journey is unique, so our length of stay is client-based, ranging from 3 months (recommended minumum) to years. Our focus is to help clients identify the “root cause” of their addiction. We believe the 12-step program facilitates the healing process on all aspects of a person: emotional, physical, social, mental & spiritual.


Healing Highlights


  • Weekly 1:1 counselling with an addiction-specialized counsellor

  • Group therapy & LIFE Skills training sessions (Boundaries, Anger Management, etc.)

  • Bi-weekly access to an in-house visiting GP

  • Advocacy support for specialized counselling as identified (root cause of the addiction)

  • Art Therapy

  • Daily exercise program; on-site fitness room

  • Daily devotions, bible studies & Sunday Church service of a variety of Christian denominations

  • Community-based recovery-focused program participation: Alpha-AA/NA Meetings, ARM, etc.

  • The foundation of all the recovery work is the 12-Step Program. A variety of versions exist & are chosen in partnership with the client, based on their needs & abilities

  • Medication support: clients are required to have their regular medications blister packed (a free service with our partner pharmacy); staff support with "watchful eyes"

  • Volunteerism: all clients are expected to "pull their weight" in terms of household chores, cooking, cleaning, yard work & helping in our thrift store, LIFE's Second Chance


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